[Participating Product Intro - Part 1/2] To be held on July 7: “Demo Day”

[Participating Product Intro - Part 1/2] To be held on July 7: “Demo Day”

DMM.make AKIBA (ID4043) 公認maker 2017/06/29

On July 7, 2017, at DMM.make AKIBA, companies whose IoT products market-readiness was being developed there will be showcasing their latest products on this “Demo Day”.

At this “Demo Day” event, 11 teams selected by the admissions team for the preceding program, "DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge” Batch 1, will be showcasing the outcomes of their collaboration with the Supporting Companies that are familiar with technology and businesses related to IoT during the 3-month long intensive.

DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 1 Demo Day

On the event day, in addition to product intro presentation of each team, separate demonstration booths will be set up. You can come experience products of wide spectrum and exciting potential. These include a smart IoT wand that has the potential of changing the future of elder care through addressing the elders’ communication issues with the care staff, television sets that have the capabilities of modular type solar home system aimed for mass adoption in the developing countries.

In this article, we will be giving brief intro on products behind 6 teams out of the 11.

First Batch Selected Teams

◆ "Communication stick", a smart wand that allows prompt responses to the stumbling and lost elderlies
"Communication Stick" is a smart IoT wand that provides valuable peace of mind for those that face the critical two issues when it comes to the elderlies going outside: getting lost and stumbling/falling. Through design that addresses those needs, Communication Stick enables better and more prompt correspondence for such critical moments while also improving more and safer opportunities for the elderlies to enjoy going outside.

With a simple and intuitive design that is friendly to use even for the seniors, this tool allows for constant availability of critical communication between the elderlies and the care givers. Winner of the James Dyson Award for 2016 Domestic Most Outstanding as well as International TOP 20 Awards.

[Organization name] Communication Stick Project (Representative: Tomohito Saigusa)
[Web] https://jamesdysonaward.org/ja/projects/communication-stick/

◆ "Vege Plan", a vege-care service that addresses people’s lack of vegetables through sensors
"Vege Plan" is a vegetable care service that helps working adults and consumers at offices whose diet can be irregular. It helps them consume necessary vegetables in the form of soup that fits the physical condition of targeted individuals through their use of dedicated AGEs (glycosylation) sensors from SHARP. Through that, individual users can record their physical conditions in the application, as well as detect premature illnesses.

Furthermore, by choosing his/her own soup menu from the application based on the recorded physical condition, the user can ensure intake of a standard serving of vegetables in the form of soup. Currently, preliminary introduction has begun as welfare benefits of several large corporations.

[Organization name] AWCLE Co. (Representative: Chihiro Endo)
[Web] http://www.awcle.co.jp

◆ "Oton Glass", smart glasses that amplify reading abilities
"Oton Glass" refers to a pair of smart glasses that assist people in activities that involve reading. This is especially helpful for its target audience: those suffering from dyslexia (reading disability and other difficulties with reading) and visual impairment, as well as overseas travelers.

Users can understand the content of written texts as the camera embedded along the glasses does the following: it scans texts that are on the same level as the human eyes, converts the visuals into text data through character recognition optical technology, and then reads out loud the content as voice speech. This product also has a translation feature and can be used as a support tool for overseas travelers.

[Organization name] OTON GLASS Inc. (Representative: Keisuke Shimakage)
[Web] http://otonglass.jp/

◆ "-A-C-T-", a smartwear that makes our “Likes” visible
"-A-C-T-" is a smart communication wear---that glows in response to human interactions such as hugging, putting shoulders next to one another, exchanging high touches, etc. The electronic circuit mounted in the clothes gets triggered and light up when interaction of those kinds happens between multiple people. Depending on what part the touching occurs, the way the lighting happens changes. This feature makes this tool especially valuable in situations such as live events, music events, festivals, further enhancing the desired interactive atmosphere of such moments.

[Organization name] Etw.Vonneguet (representative: designer Olga)
[Web] http://www.etw-vngt.com

◆ "OscilloPen", a Pen-type Oscilloscope
"OscilloPen" is a pen type electric signal waveform observation device (oscilloscope) which measures the waveform of electric signals. By connecting the main unit to a Wi-Fi access point, it transmits the voltage value of the measured electric signals in real time. It can then display the measured value, which would be received via a dedicated application and then display the output as a waveform on a screen. By making data acquisition process lighter compared to conventional types oscilloscopes, this makes it a lot easier to use for students and others hoping to be better involved in electronic circuit making.

[Organization name] Azure Lab. (Representative: Lee Ching Hoi)
[Web] https://gugen.jp/entry2016/2016-029

◆ "EGAO Project" delivering light to non-electrified households in developing countries
"EGAO Project" is a project that delivers electricity by solar home system (SHS) to 1.2 billion people who are in non-electrified areas of the world.

Growing demand for TV is expected to be the next big demand wave following that of mobile phones in those areas. Using that as a driving force, by using the Pay-As-You-Go technology which enables payments in small installment increments, this project aims for mass adoption in countries such as Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

[Organization name] PEAR Carbon Offset Initiative (Representative: Naoki Matsuo)
[Web] http://egao.lighting

About "Open Challenge"

During this first batch of "DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge”, the project’s objective is defined as supporting IoT products whose caliber is serious and not at a hobby level, and assisting them with their future business development planning and entrepreneurship for the ultimate goal of societal level problem solving.

Companies that can provide support for software and hardware product development on the technical side as well as on the business side participate in the program and cooperate with the participating startups as ‘supporters’. Supporters and participating startups altogether use the total offering of DMM.AKIBA, which consists of a share-office space, "Base", and a share-factory, “Studio", which enables prototyping with equipment and machineries. What’s happening currently behind the scene is the ongoing development of products and collaboration between the admissions team of Batch 2 and supporter companies.

■ DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 1 Outline
· Program details: https://akiba.dmm-make.com/form/openchallenge/archives1
· Supporter companies: Fujitsu Cloud Technologies, Inc./Autodesk Inc./Cyber Agent Crowd Funding Inc./Orix Corporation Inc. (in no particular order)

There are some amazing products for which productive brush-up and iteration became possible through successful collaboration with supporting companies and other partners via this program. Please come experience the latest of these teams’ offering at this event. We look forward to welcoming you at "Demo Day".

■ Event Summary: DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 1 Demo Day
· Time: Friday, July 7, 2017 13: 00-17: 30 *Time may be subject to change.
· Venue: DMM.make AKIBA (Fujisoft Akihabara Building, Warabi-cho 3, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
· WEB: http://peatix.com/event/272019