[Product Intro - Part 2/2] IoT Product Exhibition to be hosted July 7 Deadline is coming up!

[Product Intro - Part 2/2] IoT Product Exhibition to be hosted July 7 Deadline is coming up!

DMM.make AKIBA (ID4043) 公認maker 2017/07/04

This is the second half of Team Introduction part of Demo Day, an exhibition event showcasing IoT related products. This event, which is to take place at DMM.make AKIBA on July 7, will be for showcasing individuals’ and organizations’ fruit of labor from having worked on product development, as a part of participating in product development support program “DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge Batch #1”. At this event, you can come experience products that went through these iterations and brush-ups for which these participating startups spent a concentrated three-months-period during which they collaborated with supporter companies which are organizations that have some developed expertise in IoT related technology and businesses.

DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 1 Demo Day

At the event, there will be demo booths along with a platform for product presentations. At these booths, among a variety of other products, you can come experience products such as smart glasses that take photos with human eyes’ winks, as well as a wearable speaker system where you can experience a sense of a live music event through a portable wearable.

In the earlier coverage titled [Participating Product Intro - Part 1/2], we did an introductory report on 6 teams out of the selected 11 that will are participating in the market-ready product presentation exhibition event, Demo Day, which is to be held on July 7. Today, we would like to introduce the other 5.

[Participating Product Intro - Part 1/2] To be held on July 7: “Demo Day”

First Batch Selected Teams

◆ "Hapbeat", a wearable speaker that enables embodying the heavy bass audio experience
"Hapbeat" is a wearable speaker that allows users to enjoy the realism of feeling the audio on the body: an enhancement of the entertainment experience of music, games and movies they enjoy.

Users can feel deep bass throughout the entirety of their bodies by transmission of the vibration of air. This experience becomes possible through a patent pending mechanism where a coreless motor and a special cord thread generate potent vibration.

By connecting Hapbeat with a smartphone via Bluetooth, then plugging earphones/headphones into its main unit, followed by attaching them to his/her body, a user can experience the sound vibration as if one is at a live audio house, but only through wearing this portable device.

[Organization name] Hapbeat LLC (Representative: Yusuke Yamazaki)
[Web] http://hapbeat.com

◆ "Blincam", a camera that shoots with a wink

“Blincam” is a compact wearable camera that can shoot photos of what’s in front of users with only a wink.

BLINCAM features a unique sensor that detects intentionally strong blinks. With its ability to also be attached to eyeglass frames, it allows users to take photos of what’s in front of them in a hands-free fashion, when engaged in sports, cooking, playing with children etc., allowing smooth capturing of natural expression of moments when people are not necessarily posing for cameras. Through its compatibility with smartphones, users can also check and share photos taken immediately after capturing their precious moments.

[Organization name] BLINCAM (Representative: Shota Takase)
[Web] https://www.blincam.co/

◆ "Swipe Apron", an apron that can remotely control smartphones

"Swipe Apron" is a smart apron that addresses smartphone users’ pain points during moments like cooking when users cannot touch the screen of their smartphones with their dirty/occupied hands. With a touch sensor mounted in the apron's pocket, touch operation of the smartphone becomes possible remotely through the pocket via Bluetooth. Users can work in the kitchen while navigating through recipe sites and videos without worrying about their smartphone screens getting dirty.

[Organization name] Generative Idea Flow (Representative: Tetsuya Tsuchida)
[Web] http://swipeapron.info/

◆ "BioWorks", an environmentally friendly, high performance plant-based plastic

"BioWorks" is a 100% natural additive material development project. This additive material is able to capitalize on the growing demand for physical properties for heat resistance, impact resistance and more by using polylactic acid (bioplastic).

By combining additives with films, sheets, fibers, nonwoven fabrics and resin materials,
it makes it possible to create household items such as toothbrushes, cups, clothes and the like using materials that are heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-resilient, and non-greenhouse gas omitting.

[Organization name] BioWorks Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yukihiro Imai)
[Web] http://bioworks.co.jp

◆ "Obake puzzle", a puzzle game where ghost eyes glow when pieces are placed correctly

Obake puzzle is a smart puzzle whose ghosty puzzle pieces glow through the ghost eyes when pieces are placed in the right spots. Through its ability to light up the LED mounted on the part of the eyes of a ghost with contactless power supply, even small children can play such puzzle games with a sense of confidence in knowing where their positive affirmations come from. It is designed to make it difficult to distinguish between the front and the rear of the puzzle pieces through its deliberate wooden workmanship. Given the series of similar curves found in all pieces, the degree of difficulty is higher than it looks, making it desirable not only for children but also for adults. Obake puzzle is sure to inspire various ideas and spur up communication as well as surprises.

[Group name] Obake puzzle (Representative: Yukito Inoue)
[Web] http://obakepuzzle.com/

About "Open Challenge"

During this first batch of "DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge”, the project’s objective is defined as supporting IoT products whose caliber is serious and not at a hobby level, and assisting them with their future business development planning and entrepreneurship for the ultimate goal of societal level problem solving.

Companies that can provide support for software and hardware product development on the technical side as well as on the business side participate in the program and cooperate with the participating startups as ‘supporters’. Supporters and participating startups altogether use the total offering of DMM.AKIBA, which consists of a share-office space, "Base", and a share-factory, “Studio", which enables prototyping with equipment and machineries. What’s happening currently behind the scene is the ongoing development of products and collaboration between the admissions team of Batch 2 and supporter companies.

■ DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 1 Outline
· Program details: https://akiba.dmm-make.com/form/openchallenge/archives1
· Supporter companies: Fujitsu Cloud Technologies, Inc./Autodesk Inc./Cyber Agent Crowd Funding Inc./Orix Corporation Inc. (in no particular order)

We have given our introduction of Demo Day participating teams in two halves: the first half and the second. We look forward to welcoming you at our DMM.make AKIBA to experience these products first hand in person.

■ Event Summary: DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 1 Demo Day
· Time: Friday, July 7, 2017 13: 00-17: 30 *Time may be subject to change.
· Venue: DMM.make AKIBA (Fujisoft Akihabara Building, Warabi-cho 3, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
· Web: http://peatix.com/event/272019