DemoDay : on Sep. 26, up and coming startups will gather for exhibiting and product showcasing (1)

DemoDay : on Sep. 26, up and coming startups will gather for exhibiting and product showcasing (1)

DMM.make AKIBA (ID4043) 公認maker 2017/09/15

On September 26, 2017, DMM.make AKIBA will hold ""Demo Day"" which will exhibit IoT products that are selected through its accelerator program.

At this event, 7 teams selected during the 2nd batch of ""DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge"" will be showcasing the fruits of their labor from the 3-months-intensive during which they worked with supporter companies that are familiar with technologies and business processes in IoT.

DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 2 Demo Day

At the Demo Day of the batch 1 of Open Challenge which took place in July, 11 select teams presented their products. Among them was a team that created ""Communication Stick"", which helps the elderlies who get lost or fall during their walks outside as the tool lets users quickly cope with the elderlies’ emergency situations. Another team demonstrated their smart glass product, ""Oton Glass"", that extends one’s ability to read written texts. Another team released “Swipe Apron” which enables users to remotely control their smartphones through this smart apron. Introduction of these products called for an echo of positive feedbacks from many in the venture capitalist community and manufacturing companies.

In this coverage, we will be introducing three out of the seven teams selected in the second batch.

Second Batch Selected Teams

◆ Humanoid robot for telepresence "Teleporter"

Even for meetings between people that are remotely located from each other, this humanoid robot enables an experience where conversational exchange can happen as if there is the actual person in the same physical space.

Through utilizing 3D scanning of the principal individual's face to be used and then creating his/her face on a robot covered by a HMD layer, "teleporter" creates an experience where bidirectional conversation feels natural. The HMD layer allows for control of the angle of the neck and gaze of the robot. Additionally, the installed sensor allows for detection of human motions and return preset automatic responses.

[Organization name] teleporter (Representative: Takayoshi Ishii)

◆ Wood-based 3D map creation service "Hadachizu"

"Hadachizu" is a service that generates original wooden 3D map using GIS (geographical information system).

This technology enables output of the map for specified areas as its three-dimensional mapping makes it easy to understand the land’s elevational difference by emphasizing its contour lines.

Users can also create their own original maps by linking open data maps with mapping of their own, which can then be shared with friends and family via Google My Maps.

Puzzle-type form outputs enable cases where the product can be used as a geography teaching material at educational institutions, for playing at home and more.

[Organization name] LosCaracoles (Representative: Masaki Kurokawa)

◆ Smart electric toothbrush "Happy"

"Happy" is a smart electric toothbrush that enables visualization of dirty and unaddressed parts of teeth that are otherwise invisible. "Happy" helps improve efficiency of users’ daily tooth brushing.

Through using the QLF method, the camera to be mounted on the tip of a toothbrush helps visualize plaques.

Captured visual images are then displayed on the connected smartphone, allowing for real time vision of dirt parts and plaques on the teeth.

The product’s further development will enable use cases such as recording of the teeth condition which can be used to encourage users to make visits to the nearest dental examinations as well as to confirm safety status of the elderlies from their ongoing use data and more.

[Organization name] Happy (Representative: Akinori Oyama)

About "Open Challenge"

During this "DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge", the project’s objective is defined as supporting IoT products whose caliber is serious and not at a hobby level, and assisting them with their future business development planning and entrepreneurship for the ultimate goal of societal level problem solving.

Companies that can provide support for software and hardware product development on the technical side as well as on the business side participate in the program and cooperate with the participating startups as ‘supporters’. Supporters and participating startups altogether use the total offering of DMM.AKIBA, which consists of a share-office space, "Base", and a share-factory, "Studio", which enables prototyping with equipment and machineries. What’s happening currently behind the scene is the ongoing development of products and collaboration between the admissions team of Batch 2 and supporter companies.

■ DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 2 Overview
Application period: March 6, 2017 - April 30, 2017
Program details:
Supporters companies:
Fujitsu Cloud Technologies, Inc. /
Autodesk Inc. /
Cyber Agent · Cloud Funding /
and factory Co., Ltd. /
VAIO Corporation / others (in no particular order)

There are some amazing products for which productive brush-up and iteration became possible through successful collaboration with supporting companies and other partners via this program. Please come experience the latest of these teams’ offering at this event. We look forward to welcoming you at "Demo Day".

■ DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 2 Demo Day Overview
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017. Entrance Open: 14: 00, Start: 14:30 Event Close: 17: 30
Venue: DMM.make AKIBA (3 Fuji Soft Akihabara, Kanda Warabi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Building)
Web: http: //