Open Challenge 2 DemoDay: on September 26, startups will gather to showcase their products (2)

Open Challenge 2 DemoDay: on September 26, startups will gather to showcase their products (2)

DMM.make AKIBA (ID4043) 公認maker 2017/09/25

On September 26, 2017, DMM.make AKIBA will hold "Demo Day" which will exhibit IoT products that are selected through its accelerator program.

At this event, 7 teams selected during the 2nd batch of "DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge" will be showcasing the fruits of their labor from the 3-months-intensive during which they worked with supporter companies that are familiar with technologies and business processes in IoT.

DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 2 Demo Day

During the Open Challenge Batch 1, 11 select teams worked in conjunction with support companies for their brush up of their developing products. Among them was a team that creates "Communication Stick", which helps the elderlies who get lost or fall during their walks outside as the tool lets users quickly cope with the elderlies’ emergency situations. Another team demonstrated their smart glass product, "Oton Glass", that extends one’s ability to read written texts. Another team released “Swipe Apron” which enables users to remotely control of their smartphones through this smart apron. Introduction of these products called for an echo of positive feedbacks from many in the venture capitalist community and manufacturing companies.

In our previous coverage, we introduced three teams out of the seven that were selected during the batch 2 of Open Challenge. We introduced teams behind a humanoid robot for telepresence ("Teleporter"), a wood-based 3D map creation service ("Hadachizu"), and a smart electric toothbrush ("Happy"). In this coverage, we will be introducing the remaining four of the seven teams.

Second Batch Selected Teams

◆ Health Fitness Platform with IoT × AI “Trac”

“Trac” is a platform which can quantify and manage the goal setting as well as the process of users’ achievement of their optimum health fitness. “Trac” helps users achieve their optimum health fitness that best fits their age and environment.

Through using sensors, “Trac” quantifies measures and accumulates data on users’ physical conditions. Based on quantified standard values that are accumulated by fitness experts, user’s measured values are then analyzed against them via AI. This process enables a feedback loop that is best suited for individual health improvement, which had been difficult to achieve to date.

In the near future, the team will expand its offering including “LiveTrac” which helps maximize performance for athletes, “LifeTrac” which helps improve comprehensive bodily function maintenance, “IndusTrac” which provides a monitoring solution for the industrial commerce, and “MedTrac”, which will be specialized for medical clinical research.

[Organization name] primesap Co., Ltd. (Representative: Takeshi Kimura)

◆ For development of VR sensors and surrounding peripheral devices “HMD exclusive extension attachment”

This is a HMD exclusive extension attachment that can be attached to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, GEAR VR, and DayDream. By allowing connection with peripheral equipment through its 3 attachable mounts, this product improves the comfort level of users’ VR experience when connected with position tracker, stereo camera, battery, cooling fan and more. This product also enables development of original VR contents for when devices are operated in the “breath module”.

[Organization name] Kiki Giken Co., Ltd. (Representative: Jun Sakurai)

◆ DIY investments utilizing artificial intelligence “Smart Trade”

“Smart Trade” is a platform service that utilizes artificial intelligence for stock investment algorithms. “Smart Trade” provides its basic system trade development platform for equity investments. Engineers can develop their own algorithm to be used on the platform. What “Smart Trade” enables in addition to that is optimization of an already developed algorithm via artificial intelligence which generate a new, enhanced set of algorithms. Individual investors can make equity investments by using their preferred investment algorithms through its smartphone app.

[Organization name] Smart Trade (Representative: Tomoyuki Uchida)

◆ Smart Personal Training Equipment “iGym”

“iGym” is a compact, smart personal training equipment that promotes ongoing resistance training (muscle training) based on muscle strength and volume of each individual user. Through its sensors, hydraulic resistance load technique of the equipment makes it possible to acquire data on users’ muscle strength enabling an individually personalized, highly safe training that best fits the individual’s condition. There are 3 types for the product: one for the whole body, one for around the knee joint (patent acquired), one for around the ankle joint. All these can be used for prevention and improvement care for muscle weakness for the elderly demographic.

[Organization name] iGym (representative: Tomohiko Inaba)

About "Open Challenge"

"During this "DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge", the project’s objective is defined as supporting IoT products whose caliber is serious and not at a hobby level, and assisting them with their future business development planning and entrepreneurship for the ultimate goal of societal level problem solving.

Companies that can provide support for software and hardware product development on the technical side as well as on the business side participate in the program and cooperate with the participating startups as ‘supporters’. Supporters and participating startups altogether use the total offering of DMM.AKIBA, which consists of a share-office space, "Base", and a share-factory, "Studio", which enables prototyping with equipment and machineries. What’s happening currently behind the scene is the ongoing development of products and collaboration between the admissions team of Batch 2 and supporter companies.

■ DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 2 Overview
Application period: March 6, 2017 - April 30, 2017
Program details:
Supporters companies:
Fujitsu Cloud Technologies, Inc. /
Autodesk Inc. /
Cyber Agent · Cloud Funding /
and factory Co., Ltd. /
VAIO Corporation / others (in no particular order)

There are some amazing products for which productive brush-up and iteration became possible through successful collaboration with supporting companies and other partners via this program. Please come experience the latest of these teams’ offering at this event. We look forward to welcoming you at "Demo Day".

■ DMM.make AKIBA Open Challenge 2 Demo Day Overview
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017. Entrance Open: 14: 00, Start: 14:30 Event Close: 17: 30
Venue: DMM.make AKIBA (3 Fuji Soft Akihabara, Kanda Warabi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Building)
Web: http: //